AZ Earn to Learn

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Western Alliance Partners with Empowering Nonprofit to Promote Economic Independence

A little goes a long way in the hands of Kate Hoffman, Executive Director/Founder, AZ Earn to Learn, which guides students to save $500 each year to unlock an annual match of $4,000 at one of three Arizona state universities. The overarching purpose?  To help economically challenged kids become financially competent and build life-long assets including higher education. 

The bank has been involved with Tucson-based AZ Earn to Learn since Hoffman was working at her dining table on the concept to create these matching scholarship funds. “Western Alliance has been a major supporter even before we had our first student,” said Hoffman. “Not only did the bank help us get our organization off the ground, they also provide important financial support – and they have done this every year since the program launched in 2012.  I can’t imagine a better community partner.”

Importantly, Western Alliance stepped up as the first of the organization’s financial partners to synchronize savings activity with AZ Earn to Learn’s smartphone app. “Now when a student saves $100 they can see in real time how the university they hope to attend puts in an $800 match. This adds a major layer of encouragement and offers an essential motivator to keep students saving and pursuing their goals.”

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