Runbeck Election Services

Jeff Ellington, President and COO, Runbeck Election Services

Alliance Bank has proven to be accountable to their word and has delivered on every commitment they’ve made to us.

Jeff Ellington , President and COO Runbeck Election Services

Alliance Bank Checks the Box for Runbeck Election Services

The vote is in: Runbeck Election Services, the Phoenix-based specialized printing and mailing company, is winning clients around the country. Founded in 1972 to serve the needs of local county elections, today Runbeck produces election materials that reach more than 24 million voters in Arizona and beyond.

Runbeck’s clients – myriad jurisdictions around the U.S. – look for innovation, security and accuracy to support the election process. To meet these needs, Runbeck has developed cutting-edge equipment, software, and production methods and now operates from its new, 90,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art secure facility in Phoenix.

“Elections are how we defend democracy in this country and we are proud to play a role in ensuring that all the election materials we touch are produced accurately,” said Jeff Ellington, President and COO, Runbeck Election Services. “Even in 2019, elections are still predominantly conducted on paper and voting by mail has grown a great deal. The technology to ensure that the right voter gets the right ballot is central to our promise to clients.”

When this fast-expanding company realized it had outgrown the capabilities of its local bank, Runbeck looked for a financial institution that also checked the boxes for quality and innovation. In Alliance Bank of Arizona, the team at Runbeck found a banking resource that could handle all the complex needs of the company, ranging from real estate and construction loans and corporate lines of credit to equipment finance.

Importantly, Alliance Bank was able to create a flexible payment schedule for Runbeck to match the cyclical, every-two-year nature of elections and the company’s income. “Alliance is the best bank I’ve ever worked with,” said Ellington. “The people are incredible, they understand our business, and the approach they take to helping us fund our business with creative structures that work for us has all been very positive. Even the access they provide to senior management has been refreshing – the chief credit officer came out to meet with us and learn about our business.”

The bank has come through on every one of its “campaign promises,” according to Ellington. “Alliance Bank has proven to be accountable to their word and has delivered on every commitment they’ve made to us.”

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