(Formerly CDARS® and ICS®)

HOA IntraFi® Network Deposits

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Get more from Homeowners Association (HOA), Common Interest Development (CID) or Planned Unit Development (PUD) reserve funds—and make sure those funds are safe and eligible for FDIC insurance. Earn interest and access multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance through Alliance Association Bank’s membership with IntraFi® NetworkSM.

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How does IntraFi Network Deposits1 work?

Even if your HOAs, CIDs or PUDs have more than $250,000 in deposits, IntraFi® Network DepositsSM makes it possible for you to insure millions, while only dealing with Alliance Association Bank.

Use IntraFi® Network DepositsSM (formerly CDARs® and ICS®) to access multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance coverage - your funds may be placed in CDs, demand deposit accounts or money market accounts. When you submit funds for placement through IntraFi® Network DepositsSM, that deposit is divided into amounts under the standard FDIC insurance maximum of $250,000 and placed in deposit accounts at other network banks so both your principal and interest are protected. Your funds may be placed through IntraFi® Network DepositsSM in money market deposit accounts, demand deposit accounts and CDs.

If your funds are placed into CDs, you’ll receive one consolidated statement from our bank summarizing all of your CD holdings. If funds are placed into a demand deposit account or money market deposit account, you can see your balances and the location of your funds online at all times.

Get More Peace of Mind

Alliance Association Bank is the custodian for your funds placed using IntraFi® Network DepositsSM. This means you enjoy access to multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance, but only have to work with us – a bank you know and trust.

Our IntraFi® Network DepositsSM CD offering features:

  • Terms ranging from four weeks to 36 months.
  • Higher-paying Relationship Rates when you have additional accounts or loans2 through Alliance Association Bank, or if you’re a lockbox3 customer.
  • $10,000 minimum balance requirement.

View Our Deposit Account Agreement and Disclosure

1. Placement of funds through IntraFi Network Deposits is subject to the terms, conditions, and disclosures in the program agreements, including the Deposit Placement Agreement (“DPA”). Limits apply, and customer eligibility criteria may apply. Program withdrawals may be limited to six per month for funds placed in MMDAs. Although funds are placed at destination banks in amounts that do not exceed the FDIC standard maximum deposit insurance amount (“SMDIA”), a depositor’s balances at the relationship institution that places the funds may exceed the SMDIA (e.g., before settlement for a deposit or after settlement for a withdrawal) or be ineligible for FDIC insurance (if the relationship institution is not a bank). As stated in the DPA, the depositor is responsible for making any necessary arrangements to protect such balances consistent with applicable law. If the depositor is subject to restrictions on placement of its funds, the depositor is responsible for determining whether its use of IntraFi Network Deposits satisfies those restrictions. Network Deposits is a service mark, and IntraFi, ICS, and CDARS are registered service marks of IntraFi Network LLC.
2. All offers of credit are subject to credit approval.
3. Funds deposited through the Lockbox will follow Western Alliance Bank’s funds availability policy as outlined in the Deposit Account Agreement Disclosure.