Looking to Optimize Your Banking Relationship?

Tim Boothe headshot

Tim Boothe, COO

October 01, 2021

When you shop for a new vehicle, you probably have a checklist of what you want and need. Your ride might carry tools for your business, tote around a growing family (and their gear) or give you the power to relax and enjoy the open road. In some cases, the right vehicle is already on the lot. Often, though, some customization — a locking toolbox, video screens or a bike rack — makes it the perfect fit for you.

Similarly, selecting the right treasury management services can help your business bank accounts reliably carry your company to its next destination. Here are four areas to consider when you’re looking to fine-tune your business’s financial road map:

  1. Improve liquidity to boost operational efficiency. The right treasury management strategy can put more cash flow into your business’s hands, faster. That liquidity can make it possible to reduce debt and gain flexibility with orders and vendors. Over the long term, it can directly impact your organization’s bottom line by putting cash in hand faster and reducing the interest you pay on debt.

  2. Customize your treasury management toolkit. Your banking partner should be able to assess your organization’s needs, in depth, to deliver a package of treasury management tools tailored to your seasonal trends, customer profile, suppliers, opportunities and constraints. By leveraging the right technology and avoiding unnecessary complications, your company can improve processes, make capital more efficient and free resources to meet your goals.

  3. Provide an appealing cost-benefit balance. The right level of treasury management services can maximize your effectiveness and efficiency — perhaps even freeing up FTEs by automating processes. In today’s always-on, work-from-anywhere environment, sophisticated online solutions enable corporate treasury teams to manage transactions from their homes or phones. You can track payments or receipts across town, across the country and even across borders. Automation, state-of-the-art imaging and systems integration can make just about any workflow seamless.

  4. Manage your resources. The flip side of modern-day convenience is modern-day inconvenience. According to a survey by the Association for Financial Professionals, payment scammers targeted 3 out of 4 companies in 2020 — and that number was down compared to the prior two years. Working against this ongoing set of threats, treasury management tools like positive pay and filters to bolster internal security can strengthen your company’s defenses.

It takes a bit of time and commitment to custom-build a roadworthy treasury management approach for your organization’s unique needs. You will likely need to be prepared to share operating details about receivables and payables, along with specifics about your accounting processes. With that information in hand, your banking partner should ask plenty of questions to understand your business and offer a holistic set of solutions.

Contact your relationship manager to learn more about how a fresh look at treasury management can put you behind the wheel of a more efficient, customized approach to business finances.

* All offers of credit subject to approval.
** Some products and services may be subject to prior approval or fees.
*** Please contact a Treasury Management Advisor and Relationship Manager for additional details that may apply based on products and services selected