Community Commitment

Helping Our Communities Thrive

We work hard to lead by example when it comes to supporting our communities. That’s why our many talented employees commit their time and expertise, often serving in leadership roles, to a wide range of charitable and civic organizations throughout Southern California.

Community Projects

Our proactive and consistent contributions – including lending, investments, donations and volunteers – to support education, affordable housing, economic development and human services reflect our local roots and our commitment to building a better California for generations to come.


Community Reinvestment Act

To advance economic growth, we believe every community should have access to quality education, safe and affordable housing, job opportunities, transportation and health care. Torrey Pines Bank takes great pride in our proactive and consistent lending and investments, grants and donations to underserved communities, low- and moderate-income individuals, and the nonprofits that serve them.

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Community Development Loans

Through community development loans, Torrey Pines Bank works to provide greater access to the capital that local businesses and municipalities need to create healthy and thriving communities, while delivering comprehensive and sound financial solutions that meet municipal obligations to protect taxpayers.

From financing affordable housing and creating industrial parks to expanding medical services and renovating schools, we encourage civic and business leaders to join us in promoting meaningful revitalization and economic development throughout Southern California.