Settlement Services

Specialized Banking for Managing Class Action & Mass Tort Settlements

We are your source for specialized banking for law firms, claims administrators and related businesses managing complex class action, mass tort and bankruptcy settlements. Our committed team brings you decades of expertise in supporting all phases of the settlement process, from escrow through distribution, with industry-leading digital payments provided by our subsidiary, Digital Disbursements. Through your single point of contact, you’ll find a highly personalized banking experience with a focus on exceptional service, flexibility and integrity.

2024 Annual Research Report

Digital Payments in Class Actions and Mass Torts

A mobile phone showing multiple digital payment optionsWhile fraudulent claims have always existed in class action and mass tort settlements, the problem has grown exponentially worse over the last two years, according to exclusive research by Western Alliance Bank and Digital Disbursements. Download our research report based on information from 597 class action and mass tort distributions handled through 24 different settlement administrators between 2019 and 2023.

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Escrow Phase Solutions

As a full-service financial institution for law firms, claims administrators and related businesses managing class action and mass tort settlements, we’re experts in implementing settlement best practices, process improvements and technological efficiencies. You’ll get the support that helps provide a smooth process for the entire life cycle of large legal settlements.

  • Customized product suite
  • Competitive interest rates and fee structure
  • Master agreements to simplify setups
  • Direct relationship with co-counsels
  • Escrow depository agent
  • Variety of federally guaranteed deposit and investment options

Distribution Phase Solutions

For litigators of large legal cases, the hard work doesn’t end when the court signs off on a settlement agreement. Ensuring that all parties receive their share of the proceeds requires regulatory experience and management prowess. You’ll get the expertise and tools you need for the distribution phase of your settlement, with digital payment solutions through Digital Disbursements, designed to improve the process for all stakeholders — courts, governments, lawyers, claims administrators, and payees.

  • Seamless integration of a customizable pay menu into settlement claim forms  
  • Reporting tools for the wide range of accounting software
  • Master agreements to simplify setups
  • Direct relationships with law firms and claims administrators
  • Wide range of payment options available, including direct-to-bank account and digital wallets
  • Fraud protection

Banking Tailored to the Legal Profession

You’ll find customized business banking products and solutions to meet the needs and timelines of the legal profession. Learn more about our banking for attorneys and law firms.

  • Escrow depository agent
  • Qualified settlement fund (QSF) banking
  • General litigation settlement fund banking
  • Bankruptcy receiverships and court-appointed monitorships
  • Simple-to-complex attorney-focused fiduciary accounts
  • Operating and IOLTA accounts
  • Financing for working capital and case costs
  • Customized treasury management services
  • Streamlined, same-day turnaround for new accounts after initial setup

Broader Banking Solutions

You’ll find a complete range of commercial banking services and solutions designed to meet your firm’s needs. You’ll benefit from full-service business banking backed by the strength of Western Alliance Bank, one of the country’s top-performing banks.

Since being introduced to the services offered by Western Alliance Bank and its team of highly qualified and hardworking professionals, I have entrusted the bank with significant sums of money from the settlement of my class action cases, knowing that the settlement funds will be safe and provide the highest possible return for the class until the settlement funds are distributed to class members. I highly recommend the bank.

John Yanchunis , National Consumer Class Action Department Lead Morgan & Morgan

Banking for Settlement Services

Financial Services Geared to Large, Complex Settlements

You can rely on our team for innovative solutions that support even the most complex settlement processes. Clients choose us for our expertise, know-how and dedication to providing customized solutions for your specific needs — with responsive service that goes above and beyond. It’s all supported by industry-leading technology from our subsidiary, Digital Disbursements that sets the standard for efficient claims payments.

Select cases we’ve supported:

  • $20 million business code violation settlement distributed to 1 million claimants
  • $1 billion criminal/civil pharma settlement distributed to 225,000 claimants
  • $1.6 billion securities class action distributed to 35,000 claimants
  • $408.5 million antitrust settlement distributed to 250,000 claimants
  • $135 million employment law violation settlement distributed to 8,000 claimants
  • $1.025 billion securities fraud distributed to claimants in 2021

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We offer sophisticated products, advanced technology and an innovative approach, with highly skilled bankers who know your business, your industry and your market. You’ll find a strong, trusted banking partner focused on safeguarding claimants’ funds and managing a smooth, secure settlement distribution process. 

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1. All offers of credit are subject to credit approval, satisfactory legal documentation, and regulatory compliance. 
2. Borrowers are responsible for any environmental fees plus customary closing costs, including title, escrow, documentation fees and may be responsible for any bank fees including bridge loan, construction loan, and packaging fees.