Zero Balance Accounts

Simplified Cash Management

Torrey Pines Bank Zero Balance Accounts let your company simplify concentration of funds, by automatically consolidating your cash every day into a single concentration account that you designate.

Help Reduce Risk and Save Time

With Torrey Pines Bank Zero Balance Accounts, you can:

  • Save time and effort, by eliminating manual transfers between accounts. 

  • Reduce idle balances, by consolidating deposits to a concentration account. 

  • Lower your risk of account overdrafts through automated transfers, to maintain the pre-established target balance.

Gain Automated Funds Concentration

You can maintain any number of collection and disbursement Zero Balance Accounts. At the end of each business day, each account is analyzed to determine if it has a positive or negative ending balance. Funds are then moved to and from the concentration account automatically, to maintain the pre-established target balances in all of your designated accounts

Consolidate Your Cash Resources

Zero Balance Accounts minimize excess balances in any of your accounts, by reducing idle balances. It’s simplified fund consolidation that automates your corporate cash flow.