Real-Time Payments

Instant Payments, 24/7

Real-time payments (RTP) are electronic payment systems that enable instant fund transfers of up to $1 million per payment between bank accounts 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. These systems empower users to receive payments instantly, usually within seconds, unlike traditional methods like checks or ACH transfers, which can take several days to process.

Benefits of Real-Time Payments

Instantaneous Transactions

Funds transfer instantly, giving you immediate access to funds


Seamless transactions mean no need for physical checks or delays associated with traditional payment methods

24/7 Availability

Real-time payments 24/7 allow you to receive transactions any time, including weekends and holidays

Improved Cash Flow

Faster settlement times offer improved cash flow and liquidity

Support for Digital Economy

Payment via account number to respond to the speed and efficiency of the digital economy


Payments received are irrevocable, reducing the risk of fraud

Frequently Asked Questions

    What are Real-Time Payments?

    Real-Time Payment (RTP) enables consumers, businesses (public and non-public) to instantly send and receive funds 24/7/365.1

    Can Real-Time Payments be used on weekends, holidays or after business hours? 

    Yes. Real-Time Payments are available 24/7/365.1

    How do I receive a Real-Time Payment?

    All Torrey Pines Bank checking, savings and money market accounts are eligible to receive Real-Time Payments. You don’t need to take any special action to set up RTP. 

    How do I send a Real-Time Payment?

    The ability to send Real-Time Payments from a Torrey Pines Bank Account is not currently available. Sending RTP transactions is targeted for 2025. 

    Are there transaction limits? 

    The Clearing House has set a transaction limit of $1M per payment. 

    Can I opt out of Receiving Real-Time Payments?

    Yes. You can opt out of receiving Real-Time Payments. Please contact Client Care at (888) 995-2265 for more information.  

    Learn More Today

    For more information, please contact your Relationship Manager or Client Care at (888) 995-2265.

    1. RTP deposits received after 8pm PST will post to the account the following business day for interest rate and balance computation for applicable interest-bearing deposit accounts. RTP deposits will be available on the day Bank receives the deposits. Once the funds are available, they can be withdrawn. Please refer to the applicable disclosures provided at account opening and Deposit Account Agreement Disclosure for other terms and conditions.