John P. Massab is division chief credit officer for Torrey Pines Bank, where he chairs the Management Loan Committee. With 30 years of banking industry experience, Mr. Massab advises Torrey Pines Bank's Executive Management team on risk management related to the asset and credit portfolios.

Mr. Massab earned a graduate degree from Pacific Coast Banking School, University of Washington, in 2002 and also earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Management from Albion College. Mr. Massab is active in the Rancho Bernardo community serving various civic and business organizations.

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Torrey Pines Bank, the Southern California division of Western Alliance Bank, Member FDIC, delivers relationship banking that puts clients at the center of everything. Founded in 2003, Torrey Pines Bank offers a full spectrum of tailored commercial banking solutions delivered with outstanding service. With offices throughout San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange County, Torrey Pines Bank is part of Western Alliance Bancorporation, which has more than $70 billion in assets. Major accolades include being ranked as a top U.S. bank in 2023 by American Banker and Bank Director. As a regional bank with significant national capabilities, Torrey Pines Bank delivers the reach, resources and local market expertise that make a difference for customers.