All in the Family for Torrey Pines Bank and Family Office Association

July 26, 2022

In one of literature’s most famous first sentences, Tolstoy wrote that “happy families are all alike.” Not so for family offices: Torrey Pines Bank knows that family offices – organizations dedicated to serving high-net-worth individuals and families – are as unique as the people who rely on these entities to advise on everything from financial planning, estate, tax, accounting and personal family needs to the creation of business, financial and philanthropic legacies for future generations. 

In addition to managing banking needs for a variety of Southern California-based family offices, Torrey Pines Bank also works with the Family Office Association, a highly selective membership and digital events organization dedicated to managing families’ business banking needs to support multigenerational success.

Family Office Association has a deep understanding of the culture and values of family offices and their members. The organization serves the growing, global family office community by offering research and insights attuned to future trends, including understanding rising generations and how to help with transitions. They’re also committed to the health of the larger community, giving 30% of their time to others, businesses, family offices and nonprofits through their belief in the “give to give” or “doing well by doing good” philosophy.

At the end of the day, it’s all about connection for the Family Office Association. They’re defined by their warmth, tireless dedication to success and sterling reputation within the industry — but most importantly, people love and appreciate their ability to convert genuine connections into sustainable, mutually beneficial personal and professional success stories. And so, when it came time to select a banking partner, Family Office Association sought a financial institution that takes an approach similar to its own. 

“The specific needs of managing and growing a family office association require a more curated, concierge approach to business and banking,” said Kathleen Tepley, managing director of Family Office Association. “We were looking for a partnership and consulting approach to help us design solutions that could grow with our company. After all, we deliver service — and we expect the same.”

Tepley turned to Natalie Do, senior vice president of commercial banking at Torrey Pines Bank’s Beverly Hills office. Tepley has known Do for over a decade and has always admired and respected her consultative, strategic, give-to-give approach. 

“I’ve worked with family offices for a long time, and I know what they need in a banking partner: outsized client service and support, solid assets and financial strength, a commitment to privacy and, above all else, a real relationship with their banker,” said Do. “That is exactly how Torrey Pines Bank approaches business.”    

With Do’s guidance, Family Office Association’s partnership with Torrey Pines Bank began seamlessly and organically. One of Family Office Association’s concerns was compliance, which can be complicated for a multi-state organization. Do navigated the process with ease, helping build necessary tailored accounts, including those for families residing internationally. 

For Family Office Association members who may be considering where to open or transition their accounts, Chairman of the Board Mike Packman gives this advice: “Make sure you’re comfortable with a bank’s stability and assets, but service is key. A bank managing a family office needs to deliver the same high-touch service and concierge approach that we deliver to our members … We really appreciate the partnership we have with Torrey Pines Bank and know it will make a difference in the next phase of growth.” 
Our trusted bankers have deep expertise working with family offices and high-net-worth individuals, along with related expertise in professional services banking, securities-based lending and specialized mortgage services. If your business could benefit from customized solutions combined with a focus on your unique needs, consider reaching out to the expert bankers at Torrey Pines Bank.