City of Monterey


“The energy was incredible from the beginning. It was a fun transaction – and you don’t get to say that a lot.”

Jimmy Forbis , Finance Director City of Monterey

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Landmark Deal for City of Monterey

Very much a product of the 1970s, the Monterey Conference Center – home to the first-ever TED Talks –was still living in the past, without flexible spaces and the modern look-and-feel that would keep business coming to this tourism-focused coastal town. 

Western Alliance Public Finance structured a $25 million bond to help update the facility. “I keep going back to the term partnership,” says Finance Director Jimmy Forbis. “This is especially different from the huge banks.” 

Adds Forbis: “We felt we were working with people who wanted us to succeed. They understood our vision and they also were excited to be associated with a landmark. This new Monterey Conference Center is going to be ‘the’ economic driver for the city for many years to come.”

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