Managing Receivables

Cash flow is the lifeblood of your business, and we can help you stay on top of all the payments it receives. With services that streamline your operations and speed up the clearing process, we make managing receivables faster, easier and more efficient.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Debit Origination

Originate direct debits against your customers’ bank accounts. Speeds collection and improves accuracy of cash posting in your accounts receivable system.

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Wire Transfer

Easily receive USD domestic and international wires as well as non-USD international wires. Funds are typically available upon receipt at the bank. Ideal for receiving large payments from anywhere in the world.

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Cash Vault

Bonded, trustworthy armored car transport services pick up coins, cash and checks for deposit and drop off coins and cash for your business.

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Perfect for when you have a high volume of paper-based payments every month, our configurable platform helps reduce exceptions, capture data needed to post payments automatically, and reduce cash collection expenses.

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Merchant Services

Easily accept credit and debit cards, purchase or lease card processing equipment, and benefit from multiple authorization networks and transaction processing options to customize your needs.

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Remote Deposit

Expedite funds collection by scanning checks and electronically depositing them into your account – or, if you’re using your own lockbox, send us an Image Cash Letter (ICL) file instead of physically depositing checks.

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