Miramonte Homes

Miramonte Holdings - Decades of Homebuilding Deals Across Arizona

I always say a company’s culture starts with its leadership, and we see that all the way with Alliance Bank.

Chris Kemmerly , CEO Miramonte Homes

From historic neighborhoods and pristine landscapes in Tucson to residential projects in Phoenix to unique sites in Cottonwood, Sedona and Flagstaff, Miramonte Homes knows Arizona — and Alliance Bank of Arizona knows Miramonte. Thanks to the deep bonds between Miramonte Founder and CEO Chris Kemmerly, Miramonte President Julie Mastriani and Alliance Bank relationship bankers, the two companies have built a longstanding partnership dating back to 2007 and spanning a wide range of project types.

Miramonte takes a unique approach to homebuilding, says Mastriani. “We look at things a bit differently. Thanks to the resources we’ve accumulated over the 30-some years that Chris has been in business as a private homebuilder, we have become what you might call a private production homebuilder.” 

The company’s recent work encompasses semi-custom homes across the state, affordable condominiums in Flagstaff, townhomes in Sedona and a traditional production home community, Miramonte at Mesquite Hills, in Cottonwood. Then there’s Moonlight Canyon at Saguaro Ranch, a prestigious, 43-lot semi-custom/custom home community nestled in the Tortolita Mountains in northwest Tucson, with access via a tunnel that was carved through the mountain by the original Saguaro Ranch developers to reveal a stunning natural landscape dotted with majestic saguaros.

“I always say a company’s culture starts with its leadership, and we see that all the way with Alliance Bank,” Kemmerly adds, noting that Alliance Bank of Arizona has financed many Miramonte projects over its 15-plus year relationship with Miramonte. “Being together this long, you don’t really have to tell them a lot – they know everything about you. Sometimes I call [our banker] about stuff even I don’t know! And the access to senior management is unmatched — I have top management’s cell phone number and can call when I need it. You don’t get that anywhere else.”

In Alliance Bank of Arizona, Kemmerly sees a parallel to how he has built his company’s outstanding reputation: by taking care with the work they do and honoring their commitments. “It starts with your people — when they are talented and knowledgeable, with the right attitude and approach, you’re able to do pretty cool things.”

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