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Doug Weaver

Senior Vice President Business Development, Business Escrow Services

Doug Weaver, a senior vice president of business development in Western Alliance Bank’s Business Escrow Services Group, is a 35-year Wall Street veteran with experience encompassing large brokerage houses and money center banks. For nearly 20 years, Mr. Weaver has focused on escrow business development in New York and the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions. He has published many studies and newsletters on escrows as they relate to M&A activity, while also identifying numerous escrow data point trends. 

Mr. Weaver has a bachelor’s degree in finance with a minor in economics from Manhattan College. 

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Business Escrow Services

Western Alliance Bank’s Business Escrow Services Group is a specialized, trusted resource for strategic buyers, leading law firms, exiting companies and other deal constituents. The team’s in-depth experience combines with expert, personalized service and innovative product features and technology used internationally to meet the needs of clients. The group tailors services and product features to provide paying agent and escrow services related to mergers, acquisitions, asset purchases and other business escrow events. Business Escrow Services is part of Western Alliance Bancorporation, which has more than $70 billion in assets. Major accolades include being ranked as a top U.S. bank in 2023 by American Banker and Bank Director.