Built-in History: BizTucson Writes About Alliance Bank of Arizona’s Newest Move

March 04, 2024

As Tucson’s business community grows and evolves, so too has Alliance Bank of Arizona. BizTucson spoke with Alliance Bank of Arizona’s Steve Odenkirk, managing director of the bank’s southern region, and Western Alliance Bank’s Bruce Beach, the bank’s board chairman, to discuss the major historical significance of the building and Alliance Bank of Arizona’s new spin on it.

Having moved to a new location at 4445 N. Campbell Ave. one year ago, Alliance Bank of Arizona has provided a state-of-the-art banking office space for its employees and clients. When discussing the renovation of the historic site, Steve said the construction was extremely impressive, especially when dissembling and expanding the building. “Everyone involved in the renovation had the concept that we were to do everything possible to keep the building in its original state,” he said. “The project provides a creative reuse of the building.”

Built in 1928 by two legendary Tucsonans, Josias Joesler and John Murphey, the bank renovated the structure’s inside to provide top-notch banking conditions all while preserving the building’s charm and key historical elements.

A longtime Tucson-area business and community leader, Bruce admired the bank’s creative and respectful reuse of the building. “Alliance Bank of Arizona’s roots run deep in Tucson, just like mine,” he said. “Since joining the board in 2005, I’ve witnessed firsthand its unwavering dedication to supporting local businesses and community organizations throughout southern Arizona.” Alliance Bank of Arizona is a division of Western Alliance Bank, Member FDIC.

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