Cookies Policy

I. Introduction
Western Alliance Bancorporation and its subsidiaries and affiliates (“WAB”), uses cookies for site monitoring and analytics, to customize user experiences, and provide better service via our sites (collectively, the “Site”).  This Cookies Policy should be read together with our Privacy Policy and our Terms and Notices.

II. What is a Cookie
A cookie is a small, electronic text file that is downloaded on to devices (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) when you access a website.  Each time you re-access a website a cookie is sent back which allows the site to monitor your website activity. This tracking technology allows sites to recognize you, remember your preferences, and show relevant information which helps to maximize your user experience. 

III. Types of Cookies
WAB has both first and third-party cookies on its Site. WAB uses first-party cookies, including session and persistent cookies, to track information of site visitors. A session cookie is a type of cookie that is placed on a user’s device and continues to exist there until they log out or leave the site. A persistent cookie is a type of cookie that will continue to exist on a user’s device for an extended period after they leave the site. Third-party cookies are used by hired vendors to analyze information on behalf of WAB for WAB’s own marketing purposes. The information that is shared with and analyzed by third-party vendors is contractually limited.

IV. Your Consent and Managing Cookies
By using WAB’s Site you consent to this Cookies Policy and the placement of cookies on your device. If you do not wish to have cookies placed on your device, please reject and opt out of cookies when prompted. You may also be able to reject cookies by adjusting your cookie preferences in your browser settings. However, blocking and rejecting cookies may limit the Site’s functionality and associated features.

V. Gathering, Using, and Sharing Information
WAB does not allow any third-parties to track information obtained from our Site. Additionally, WAB does not share or sell user information to anyone outside of or our organization. WAB only shares data with third-party vendors hired to help accomplish our marketing objectives.